Leather Laces are perfect for durable shoelaces

Leather laces are perfect for work boots, fashionable boots, and other footwear. Find the right match in color, or a trendy contrast with our huge assortment of colors and finishes.

Leather Laces come in a variety of fashionable colors that last

With over 55 available colors, we are bound to have the right leather laces for your shoes. If you are interested in a color not listed on our website, let us know because we have additional colors and custom laces available. Our durable leather laces can be tied over and over again.

Leather Laces are available with different types of finishes

Leather laces are available in different finishes such as dyed thru, pigmented, wax, non-wax, and double color with a different color edge and top. Take advantage of our wide assortment and capability for a top notch finished product.

Leather Laces have great technical features that result in top quality

Our laces pass quality testing with flying colors when it comes to pull strength, color fastness, ability to tie, and being free of hazardous substances. Quality testing results and details are available upon request.